• The women even outclass the guys when it comes to drink! Champagne and branded beer vs. a jug o’ draught. Hah!

  • They asked them to get better. They did. They threatened to cancel, they got even better. Now they’re too good. When the IOC pashas say “women’s hockey needs to improve”, what they mean is they have to start wearing tutus and pearls.

    Equality? Never. All that talk about women’s hockey being a bad spectacle. Meanwhile, field hockey is not in danger. Or ski jumping. Or effing curling?!…

  • I couldn’t care less that they were drinking and even though one girl was only 18, where she lived, 18 is legal. What upsets me is that Scotty Lago was sent home due to his celebration and a silly photo. If the IOC is going to preach from a moral soapbox, at least keep the punishments equal.

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  • Thank you Brad Cran. Your satire sums up the sexism bang on. The old stereotypes and paternal moralizing are resurfacing now that the big story of the 2010 Olympics for Canada is the dominance of our women athletes. Of course, that can’t last for long; if the IOC doesn’t exclude them outright (ski jumping), it seeks to undermine their up-and-coming sports (hockey) and then critique them for celebrating — you got it – “like men.” That men have had 100 years of professional sport and a millenia of dominant patriarchal culture is not even factored in the IOC’s desire to steamroll the development of women’s sport, and women in general. The IOC should uphold a principle of equality not matter what the “level of competition:” for every sport, there is both male and female competitors. Period.
    Thank you for your imagepoem which sums up these few hundred words of screed quite well indeed.

  • why anyone would have to apologize for this is insane. why we let these conservative fruitcakes give us the feeling that we would need to apologize is even worse. if i see any of the IOC on the street i’m going to kick them in their genitals.

  • Yup … cuz the IOC is absolutely an organization that defines the moral high ground. Hey, btw, how is it going with that Korean criminal you just recruited to your ranks?

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  • Or maybe the issue is being dumb enough to take pictures of team members who were underage drinking…

  • With the Olympics here, it became clear that it’s *us* who reference women’s events. Tellingly, to the IOC, it’s still about ladies. And notably, the men’s events are referenced as ‘gentlemen’s’.

  • The point was that the women gave the 18 year old player some champagne. So she was drinking underage. Jon Montgomery is 31. But funny picture nonetheless.

  • Hey Ashley,

    The point wasn’t that she was “underage drinking,” it was that they didn’t confine their partying to the dressing room! That was the issue!!
    According to the IOC, women shouldn’t be allowed to participate in Olympic sports,(no ski-jumping, trying to kill women’s hockey) or even worse *gasp* celebrate…

  • Masked Avenger on

    Nobody should fault them for celebrating. Beer, cigars, champagne, zamboni–whatever. They got gold–let ’em dance & celebrate.

    The issue isn’t celebrating, the issue isn’t hockey, the issue isn’t
    women, the issue isn’t women hockey players celebrating.

    The issue is whether they shoulda kept it off the ice and out of the view of the cameras. And yes, they shoulda.

    But now–they’ve apologized. Issue closed. Party done for the moment. Tempest in the teapot now over.

    Now let’s get back to enjoying the remaining events!

  • But it is o.k. to drink out of the stanley cup. I am mighty proud of the womens hockey team and if I had the opportunity I would have been drinking champagne on the ice with them.

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  • However, is this really why they’re considering cutting Women’s Ice Hockey? From what I understand, it’s more about 18-0 games and the same two teams in every final, not about drinking on the ice.

    You could make the argument that Men’s Basketball was in the same place up until the late 90s (didn’t the US win it, like, 15 times?) but it’s now a much more international sport. it’s not that “they have to start wearing tutus and pearls.” It’s that Canada CRUSHES everyone else and I think you can see that a) that’s bad for the sport (Even “effing curling” is more competitive) and b) it has very little to do with some champagne on the ice.

  • Oh, and for people who point out that some of the Men’s Hockey games have been a little one-sided… it’s not nearly to the same degree. Even with the addition of professionals, the Canadian men have won only once in the past 50 years.

  • tobias c van- how does it promote the sport if two teams outscore the others (cumulative) 88-4? It’s that – and not the IOC’s views on celebrating – that undermine the sport.

    Its not that “they’re too good,” it’s that two particular teams are too good. I find it hard to believe that no one can see that.

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  • Of course they shouldn’t let up on the other teams, but, really… it’s pretty freaking ridiculous if two teams are outscoring the others by so much. My point being that to chalk this up to evil sexism is kind of silly.

  • And how about those mounties (mountettes? mountits?) in the closing ceremonies. Tell me it’s not about sexism….

  • Come on guys that’s just dumb! a hand full of these girls were underage, that’s what the uproar is about.

  • Only one girl was 18, and she is from Quebec where its legal for her to drink, its not a big deal.

    No audience members where there, only a few press, who then went to the IOC, it was an American journalist just trying to get the women DQ.

  • The whole irony about the argument that the female hockey competition is too one-sided is that it stems from sexism itself. Why are there such inequalities in womens’ hockey? Because for so long, womens’ hockey has been underprivileged and underfunded in countries across the world while mens’ hockey has been given all the attention. So do we punish the women further by taking their event out of the Olympics and denying them the right to play for gold? Mens’ hockey has only in recent years been on a more even playing field. Give them more time (and more credit and funding). The womens’ hockey teams will catch up in terms of competitive equality.

  • Everyone seems to be saying that it’s okay for an 18 year old to be drinking because that’s the legal age where she’s from. In BC, where she was at the time, the legal age is 19. If a 16 year old from Luxembourg goes to the United States and drinks, it’s still illegal. Same goes here.

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  • Katrina – not sure what you mean about men’s hockey. The last time Canada won the Gold before 2002 was in 1952. The Americans have only one once, the fabled “Miracle On Ice.”

    I agree that it’s hard to get other countries interested in women’s hockey, but look at it from the IOC’s perspective. They require ratings, and public interest in the Olympics. A competition in which two teams dominate so much is boring, frankly. In any case, while it may be treating women’s sports different from men’s sports, it’s not part of some insidious attempt on the part of the IOC to undermine women’s sports. It’s much more rooted in the bottom line.

    Luisa – there is some sex discrimination in Canada, but I’m not sure I see where it is here.

  • “My point being that to chalk this up to evil sexism is kind of silly,” said the white man.

  • same old same old if men do it it’s okay but ladies it becomes a shame on you. Get real we can play and we should be able to celebrate.

  • The women confined their celebrating to a licensed establishment, while Jon drank beer on a public street. Definitely a double standard. I wonder whether IOC would be happier with women’s hockey if the women played in spandex or semi-transparent figure skating outfits. People celebrate. Get over it. Perhaps the acronym “IOC” stands for “Ignorance On Camera” because to deny human nature is just that. Team Canada has nothing to regret.

  • savanarola: a lot to assume from one letter. Yes, in fact, I am a white man, but what if I wasn’t?

    The original post implies that it’s somehow the celebration that is causing them to rethink women’s hockey, when it’s obviously over deeper issues.

  • A hockey arena is a “licensed establishment?” Huh?

    My point is that this doesn’t seem like the institutionalized sexism that people are making it out to be. The criticism over women’s hockey in general has nothing to do with the celebration. (and it seems that there are some who complain that women have to wear face masks, which would kind of go against the whole “skimpy costumes and sequins thing).

    It seems that whatever they do, unless the women’s sport is exactly the same as the men’s, some people won’t be satisfied. Well, then, maybe there should be bodychecking in women’s hockey? Then wouldn’t people complain about that?

  • Chick with Stick, sans sequins on

    As a woman (not a lady) hockey player, I was and still am proud of both our women’s and men’s teams and their achievements at the Olympics. So much so, that I could not resist in bringing out the cigars after my rec hockey team (again, women, not ladies) went for a (get this, cuz it is REALLY Canadian) “beer” after our win on the weekend!

    I’d be ticked off if our men were restricted in any way from drinking beer or champagne or smoking celebratory cigars, as much as the women.

    I like that our Canadian girls have many different types and styles of athletically excellent role models to pick from, and specifically learn of, from the 2010 Olympics.

    I understood the issue only got legs because while the women were smart enough to wait until the arena was empty to spill onto the ice, it wasn’t empty enough of the US media. and funnily enough, the US just lost the game. I’d like to take those sour grapes and make Canadian Sparkling Wine (not geographically indicated and restricted champagne)!

    and, in terms of evening the playing field, my forecast is that the Russian men were so embarrassing to their country (not by my standards, but by their political leaders admissions) that maybe THEY will inject a bunch of cash into the Russian Women’s Hockey program and come out in 4 or 8 years with a kick-ass team.

    all in, someone needs to get a life…

  • Chick with a stick – don’t get me wrong, I admit the drinking kerfuffle was silly -although people are making a false equivalency with John Montgomery. I just think that it’s also silly to suggest that the drinking was the reason why some are calling for the sport to be dropped (and no one is saying that it would be permanent-like) But to me it seems the proper reaction is to build up the other temas rather than cry sexism.

  • I like chicks with sticks. Including, but not limited to, the one who shared her thoughts with us here. Thanks for that. Very interesting input on this.

    I, like many here, have been a hockey fanatic since the first time I saw it played. I get giddy at the thought of lacing them up wether it be for a league game or a round of 12-on-12 shinny outside somewhere.

    I started watching Women’s international games a few years back.
    First thought: Good for them.

    Then I watched our girls play the U.S. and thought: Good for me. More quality hockey to follow. (Who doesn’t love a heated cross-boarder rivalry?)

    Although the divide between the top two countries and the rest of the pack was/is pretty big, it’s undeniably getting narrower. Just ask the silver medal winning Swedes of four years ago.

    They say it’s not working? Tell that to Jin Fengling, the Chinese player who roofed a backhander past the U.S. netminder this year. Do you think she’s upset about her team being routed? Or do you think she’s dreaming of her next lamplighter?

    I hear time and again about how much the women of these developing hockey nations dream of qualifying for their chance to play against Canada and/or the Americans. About how that is their “gold medal game”. Sure they’ll likely give up a handfull of goals, but they might also score a few themselves. And next time, they’ll score a few more than that. But where do those dreams go if we eliminate the best chance we have to showcase their efforts.

    Women’s hockey is here. And it’s about time. When I was a kid the girls played ringette. I always wondered why they didn’t just play hockey. Well now they do.

    Good for them.

    And good for us.

    I’m not even going to address the “champagne incident”. The whole thing is just petty.

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  • Thank you so much for this! It has irked me since the minute it appeared. We were told by the media to adore Jon Montgomery and chuckle at his pitcher of beer, and then told to be ashamed of our women who were doing the same thing in what they believed to be a private affair. It clearly indicates the insecurity felt around the women winning gold at a time when it wasn’t clear that the men were going to be able to do the same. There’s no way the same pictures would have been criticized if it had been Crosby.

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  • If my daughter is idolizing a gold medal-winning Canadian, female athlete then I think she’ll turn out alright.

    Who would we rather our daughters emulate?
    Hannah Montana, the corporate shill?
    Bella of Twilight, the blank space who can’t wait to skip college and start pumping out babies?
    Sarah Palin… frikkin’ SARAH PALIN!?!?

    Jeezuz. Who doesn’t drink alcohol? What are we trying to say about alcohol and athletes? They won a frikkin’ gold medal. Who wouldn’t celebrate with some champagne? If they were an extremist Islamic hockey team I might be upset that they were drinking… but I’d probably just admire those women even more for playing hockey in their religious attire.

© Brad Cran .

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